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Meet our Founder & CEO, Zain 


My name is Zain & here’s why I started #IndiFix.

After spending most of my childhood in India’s capital, New Delhi, I moved to the small city of Appleton, Wisconsin to pursue a double major at Lawrence University. While studying economics & studio art in what were often sub-zero temperatures, I grew increasingly homesick, constantly missing the hustle & bustle of the busy streets of Delhi along with my friends & family.

One day, a college friend drove me to the only Indian grocery store in town. As we walked through the glass doors, my face lit up for the first time in ages! I felt like a kid in a candy store, grabbing on to as many Indian snacks & treats as I could carry in my arms. Reunited with the snacks I grew up loving, being thousands of miles away from home suddenly didn’t seem quite so bad. Soon enough, monthly visits to my mecca of Indian snacks became the norm - I left the store with arms full of Lay’s Magic Masala, Maggi noodles, and Good Day cookies up until the weekend of graduation in 2015.

After graduation, I moved to New York City to start my first job. The city was worlds apart from my life in Wisconsin. There was Little India on Lexington Ave, a whole array of Indian food in Jackson Heights but nothing topped my favorite Indian street in Jersey City. It was then I realized that although I could find most of my favorite snacks at various Indian stores around town, there was no one-stop shop for all of them & running around was costing me both, precious time & money.

This is when IndiFix was born. I wanted to create an easy way to get my Indian snack fix delivered directly to me. 

I spent time hand-selecting over 200+ Indian snacks & treats and employed my American friends to try each one & almost all were an absolute hit! Everyone had tried Indian food before, but Indian snacks? They weren’t receiving the spotlight they need.

A box full of authentic Indian goodies delivered to your door wasn’t just the homesick Indian students’ dream, but also a way for others to explore the incredible flavors of India, all from the comfort of their home.

However, indulging in delicious Indian snacks wasn’t the only goal; I wanted to make sure I could give back to my home community. With over 300 million Indian children going to bed hungry daily - which is 92% of the US population - IndiFix allows me & YOU to do our part as global citizens. Every box you purchase allows us to feed a malnourished child in need. So you won’t just satisfy your Indian snack fix, you’ll also give a meal to someone who would instead go to sleep hungry.

We hope you join us on this incredible journey, one IndiFix box at a time; until then, happy snacking!


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