Who started IndiFix?

Learn more about our founder, her story and what drove her to start IndiFix!

Meet our Founder & CEO, Zain 

Hi there!

I’m Zain & on July 15th, 2019, I started IndiFix!

After spending most of my childhood in India’s capital, New Delhi, I moved to a small city in Wisconsin called Appleton, to pursue a double major in Economics & Studio Art at Lawrence University. While there, I was constantly homesick, missing the hustle & bustle of the busy streets of Delhi, my friends & family. 

One day, a friend drove me to the only Indian grocery store in town. As we walked through the glass doors, my face lit up. I was like a kid in a candy store, grabbing on to as many Indian snacks & treats as I could carry in my arms! Reunited with the snacks I grew up loving, all of a sudden, being thousands of miles away from home didn’t seem quite so bad indeed. She would drive me to the store once every month, and I would come out arms full of Lay’s Magic Masala, Maggi Noodles & Good Day cookies, up until I finally graduated in 2015.

Right after graduation, I moved to start my first job in New York City. New York was worlds apart from Wisconsin. There was Little India on Lexington Ave, a whole array of Indian food in Jackson Heights and my favorite, Indian street in Jersey City. It was then I figured that although I could find most of my favorite snacks at various different Indian groceries around the city, there was no one stop shop for all of them, which cost me both, my time & money. 

Somewhere between then and realizing there was no easy way to get my fix of my favorite Indian chips, snacks, sodas & cookies delivered directly to me, IndiFix was born. I hand selected over 200+ Indian snacks & treats, had my American friends try each one out and almost all were an absolute hit! Everyone had tried Indian food before, but Indian snacks? They weren’t receiving the spotlight they need. 

A box full of authentic Indian goodies delivered to your door wasn’t just the homesick Indian students’ dream, but also a way for others to explore the incredible flavors of India, all from the comfort of their own couch. 

However, simply indulging in deliciously rich Indian snacks wasn’t the only goal, I wanted to make sure I could give back to my home community. With over 300 million Indian children going to bed hungry daily, which is 92% of the US population, I wanted to do my part. Which is why, every box you purchase allows us to feed a malnourished child in need. So you don’t just satisfy your Indian snack fix, you also give a meal to someone who would’ve instead slept hungry. 

We hope you join us on this incredible journey, one IndiFix box at a time!

Until then, happy snacking!